Getting there

Royal Dublin Society is 4.5km from the centre of Dublin, approximately a 20-minute drive. Several European capital cities are just a stone’s throw away, such as London (1 hour), Amsterdam (1.5 hours), Paris (1.5 hours) and Brussels (1.5 hours).

Travel by Air

Dublin Airport

Dublin Airport is located approximately 10km north of Dublin City Centre and is approximately 16km from the Royal Dublin Society. There are non-stop flights from most major European cities and connecting flights from The Middle East, Africa, Asia, Canada, The United States and Australia.

Flight Journey Lengths:
• 1 hour 10 minutes from London
• 6 hours 15 minutes from New York

For further flight information please visit:


Travel by Train

There’s also a well-connected public transport system (2 railway stations in the city centre and a train station at four minutes walking distance from the venue RDS).

InterCity Rail services run from 2 different Dublin stations:

  • Heuston Station

  • Connolly Station

For more information on getting from Heuston Station or Connolly Station to RDS, please visit!P|TP!histId|0!histKey|H725570 for options.


Onward Journey to Dublin City Centre and RDS


The RDS is serviced by the Aircoach (Route 702) that brings customers directly to and from Dublin airport. Aircoach stops are located on Merrion Road in front of the RDS main complex entrance. The journey is approximately 25 minutes from the airport to RDS, expect to pay between €10 and €20.

Aircoach Bookings for people with disabilities must be made in advance. For more information on timetables visit or call +353 (0)1 844 7118.

There is a bus route that will take you to the city centre from RDS, it is bus 4/ 7/ 7A from RDS Ballsbridge and take you to Merrion Square. Then you will need to catch the 15A/ 15B bus from Marrion Square to Dame Street, stop 7581. The journey is approximately 30 minutes and the buses run every 15 minutes: Expect to pay around €2 per person.

For more information on public transport, visit:


Distance from Dublin airport to the city centre: 10.5 km (6.5 miles).

Taxis are available at the Taxi rank outside Arrivals. The taxi will take you on the M1 and then the M50, going by the port to get to the RDS. The journey is 15km and approximately 25 minutes from the airport to RDS, expect to pay between €30 and €40.

Taxi app Uber is well-established and presents a good alternative to city taxis.

Several Taxi companies operate in Dublin, and their rates can vary.

Do not accept rides from drivers who might approach you inside or in front of the terminal, you will risk being overcharged.

Public Transport

Further information surrounding Dublin’s public transport including journey planners and availability can be found by visiting:

By Car

If you are driving by car, there is parking at the RDS:

Car Parking Opening Hours:

Merrion Road Car Park

Monday to Friday 7.30am – 6.30pm

Simmonscourt Road and Anglesea Road Car Parks

Monday to Friday 7.30am – 6.30pm

Parking is €7 per car per day.