EFEE Membership

European Federation of Explosives Engineers

EFEE is a membership organisation with the aim to educate, unify and improve working standards in the blasting and explosives industry across Europe.

EFEE has representation across 56 countries and committees that directly influence EU directives, shot firing and environmental impacts.

As an EFEE member you will join industry experts from throughout Europe to gain access to an international network of professionals, share knowledge, learn best practices, improve standards and develop the field of explosives engineers.

Benefits Include

Specialist Knowledge
Immediate access to the latest SAFEX information and incident reports, most interesting technical articles, list of European standards on vibrations and air blast, industry news and opportunities.

Online access to a library of previous conference proceedings with papers covering:
– Blast Design Management
– Blast Vibration and Seismology
– Blasting Work Experiences
– Construction, Mining & Quarrying (Blasting)
– Demolition Blasting
– EU Directives & Harmonisation Work
– Explosive Detection for Security
– Health, Safety & Environment
– New Applications and Training
– Technical Development

Membership Discounts
EFEE members enjoy discounted prices on conference and workshop attendance, proceeding sales and newsletter advertising.

Exclusive access to the EFEE web page with information and possibilities to interact with members. As an EFEE member you will also have access to discounted conference attendance.

All EFEE members receive 4 electronic newsletters per year including the latest industry news, blasting experiences and commercial adverts. As a member you also have the opportunity to influence content.

Committee Membership (Open to all Members)
Providing specialist information and the opportunity to influence EU regulations and shot fire procedures as well as attending standing committees such as EU-directives, Environmental, Newsletter, Marketing and Membership and more.

Individual membership costs just €75 per year.

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